Hinsdale Central High School

Charles Kettering, II

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Charles Kettering, II

Inductee Year 2003
Charles Kettering, II
Chuck Kettering graduated from Hinsdale Township High School in 1949. An outstanding student and an accomplished athlete, he went on to Dartmouth. His college career was interrupted by his enlisting in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict. Returning to Dartmouth afterwards, he graduated in 1957.

After a brief stay in the private sector, Chuck returned to Dartmouth holding significant positions in the Admissions and Financial Aid offices. Earning his master’s degree from the University of Colorado, he remained there several years as the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Following in the footsteps of the Kettering Family’s philanthropy, he left UC and joined the Kettering Foundation as Vice President for Education. He also set up his own Foundation, CFK, Ltd., to advance “school climate improvements.” His ideas have had a lasting affect on schools/teachers and their effectiveness.

In addition to his work at the Foundations, he was also a trustee of Prescott College in Arizona, Wilberforce University in Ohio and Knox College in Illinois.

Chuck is survived by his wife, Jean Shannon Kettering Pedicord and their three children, Charles III, Linda, and Susan. They continue the important philanthropy of The Kettering Foundation.
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