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John Imrie

Membership level: Hall of Fame

John Imrie

Inductee Year 2007
John Imrie

John Imrie mastered many things at an age when most of us struggle for dominion in just a few. He led by example, according to biographer interviews with dozens who knew him, yet never preached. He mentored many -- mostly unconsciously. A full resume of his last years through 1969 fills pages, but omits that he never took up smoking nor drinking, and treated all his girlfriends with utmost respect. His papers show he wrote often about virtue and authenticity while in high school and in his two years at a tumultuous Harvard, right after the "Summer of Love". He left heavy annotations in his Bible, and attended Sunday school into his last year. He drowned while enjoying an 'extreme sport' before that term was invented.

John B. Imrie Memorial Award, Harvard U.: awarded for 37 years to the Eliot House senior "whose interests are not bounded by academic or institutional structures. A joyous, deeply-rooted affirmation of life, disdain for the purely conventional; a love of adventure, and desire to learn by experiencing; the ability to respond creatively to difficult situations: these are the qualities which John Imrie exemplified through his actions."

John Imrie Sportsmanship Award: Annual, Hinsdale Tennis Assn. John Imrie Second-Effort Award: Annual, Harvard Wrestling, to the wrestler who never gives up, despite odds, injury, etc. 1968-69 History paper at Harvard: The 19th Century English Gentlemanly Ideal vs. The Playboy Ideal boldly deconstructed Hefner's philosophy in 8000 words, earned A-. Post-season Wrestling: denied Harvard athletic dept. funding, hitchhiked to NCAA Tournament in Utah and placed 8th (All-American) in Unlimited weight-class after failing late weigh-in for 191 lbs. by two oz.; earned most points for HU since 1953. V. Wrestling: mostly at 177 lbs. 1967-68 HU Freshman Wrestling: undefeated in dual meets at 191 lbs. 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston: admitted as member of global church. HCHS 1966-67 American Legion Citizenship Award: 1967 co-winner. Lead role 'Jeff' in musical: Brigadoon. V. Tennis: (WSC & District Champions; 2nd in State), #3 Singles player. State Voice Competition: 2nd in Low Voice. National Honor Society: member. V. Wrestling: co-captain, MVP, 21-3 record, most pins, most team points, fewest opponent points, 11 shut-outs, All-WSC. Chicago Daily News All-Area FB Team: 2nd-leading WSC scorer. Chicago Tribune FB All-Stars: First Group. V. Football: co-captain. Concert Choir: Member. HCHS 1965-66 Hinsdale Courier Athlete of the Year: "This modest junior superstar was chosen to the all-conference teams for his football, wrestling, and tennis efforts." V. Tennis (WSC, District, State Champions), #3 Singles player. National Honor Society: Member. V. Wrestling: with 8-5-1 dual-meet record, placed 2nd in State at 180 lbs. Tribune FB All-Stars: First Group, leading WSC scorer. V. Football: (WSC Co-Champions), running back, defense, kicking.
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