Hinsdale Central High School

Richard Burridge Sr.

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Richard Burridge, Sr.

Inductee Year 2007
Richard Burridge
Growing up in Hinsdale and attending HTHS in the 1940's imbued Dick with a love and loyalty to this community where he has lived nearly all his life and where he and Nan raised their children. Dick has given back to the community much more than he received, and many other good causes have also benefited from Dick's generosity. Dick, a certified financial analyst, has been able to benefit so many, partly because of his great success in the financial and investment profession.

The list of entities helped by Dick is staggering. Close to home he has been an elected Hinsdale Trustee, was involved in the Hinsdale Police Pension Plan, served on the Board of Wellness House, is a supporter of the Hinsdale Historical Society, sits on the Hinsdale Caucus, and is the Reunion Chairman of his HTHS class.

In addition, he has been Chairman of the Board of La Rabida Children's Hospital, on the Board of Providence/St. Mel School, a Director of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, on the investment committee of the national YMCA, and active in numerous boards and commissions at his college alma mater, University of Colorado. The University of Colorado bestowed on Dick its highest alumni award and founded on campus the Burridge Center of Securities Analysis.

Dick's philanthropy has also extended to Rush University Medical Center, the University of Michigan and Berea College.

He has been publicly quoted as saying; "I've always been a believer in the age-old adage that you give back to society if you've been able to accomplish something." Dick did accomplish, and he did give back, and we all benefited from it. (And, lastly, efforts are underway to preserve his wonderful and infectious laugh and place it in the national archives).
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