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The Hinsdale Central Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Jodie Harrison Memorial Teacher’s Grant.  We are looking for new, exciting ideas that the Foundation can support. While we can not guarantee all/any grants will be funded, we are curious to hear what the foundation could do to enrich and enhance educational programs and opportunities for all students.


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Project Achieve is funded by the Hinsdale Central Foundation because we are committed to the belief that all students can achieve great things.

Project Achieve provides dedicated educational resources, personalized academic strategies, and reinforcement to eligible students with the goal of improving their academic performance along with their high school learning experience. This program works with parents and their students who are struggling academically, to identify ways to motivate the students and improve their performance.

By providing individualized attention to educational needs, monitoring progress, modifying approaches as necessary while working collaboratively with parents, Project Achieve has demonstrated the ability to raise academic performance levels and equip participating students with strategies and tools for continued success.

There are approximately 200 students currently eligible for this program. It is anticipated that 60 students (and their parents) will choose to participate in this program next school year.
By continuing to demonstrate the success of Project Achieve, the HCHS Foundation in conjunction with Hinsdale Central, hopes to encourage greater participation and greater successes in the coming years. We believe this program will grow and achieve a result for kids that have never been possible.  This is another example of how the HCHS Foundation is able to focus its resources to help improve the quality of education for all students.

As alumni, you can be proud your alma mater and the Foundation is looking out for all students. Get on this winning team and show your pride by making a contribution to the Foundation’s fundraising efforts. If you are interested in becoming the title sponsor to this project, please contact us!

J Kyle Braid Leadership Grant

The Foundation is proud to sponsor 4 Hinsdale Central Students for the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation

J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation  is dedicated to “helping teens take the lead”.  Each summer, approx 200 high school students from across the country  are chosen to attend the Braid ranch for one week. These soon-to-be Juniors learn many leadership skills that will help them as they return to school. They will be ready to lead their classmates by example having learned among other things, refusal skills. These talented athletes were judged as strong and ethical leaders by their coaches, teachers and counselors prior to their JKB  experience.

Hinsdale Central is the JKB flagship school as Ken Braid, Hall of Famer (2005) was once an HC Red Devil! JKB stands for J Kyle Braid, the son of Colleen and Ken Braid. Kyle was a young athlete that tragically took his own life. Kyle used steroids in an attempt to get bigger and better at the urging of his football coach to do whatever it takes . The Braids have started this leadership program in their son’s honor in order to help our students become stronger leaders in the future.

When you ask a “Braid kid” what they  thought of their week at the ranch, they commonly say that it was the best week of their life.  When the Braid students return to their schools, they develop and implement programs to spread what they have learned to their schools and throughout their communities.

For ten years,  the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation has touched  the core of the lives of nearly 2000 high school students, fifty of whom are from Hinsdale Central, in a very positive way. 

Students are chosen as J Kyle Braid leaders who attend the CADA leadership camp with other Central leaders in California.

Jodie Harrison Memorial Teachers’ Grant

The Jodie Harrison Memorial Teachers’ Grant is awarded annually to a Hinsdale Central teacher (or teachers) in recognition of the Hinsdale Central Foundation’s goal to “enhance professional development opportunities for teachers…by creating grants for the pursuit of excellence in teaching and supporting unique experiences…” 

Past Teachers’ Grant Recipients

Please contact the Foundation for more details.

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