Hinsdale Central High School

Jodie Harrison Memorial Teacher’s Grant

Dear Teachers, Coaches, Activity Sponsors:

The Hinsdale Central Foundation is again accepting applications for the Jodie Harrison Memorial Teacher’s Grant.  The purpose is to enhance professional development opportunities for teachers at Hinsdale Central and to enrich and enhance educational programs and opportunities for all students.

Follow this link for the application, which must be completed and returned to the Hinsdale Central Foundation, P.O. Box 296, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 or to Principal’s Office no later than February 28. We expect to notify any grant recipient(s) by April. Recipients will be formally recognized as part of the Teacher Luncheon in June.

Funding will be based on the following (and possibly more): Sustainability, visibility, measurement of success, and what portion of the student body will benefit from this proposal.

As you prepare for this Grant Application, please check with Ryan Maita, Assistant Principal for Operations, to make sure that there are no plans already in the works to fund a similar idea, or that there are not better ways to purchase items in your grant.

If your grant is funded, the Foundation respectfully requests you provide a report that summarizes the results/progress of your particular project no later than a year from date of award, or earlier if appropriate.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our children. Keep up the great work!


Carol Lambert-Bobo
President, Board of Directors
Hinsdale Central Foundation
Pam Kalafut
Grant Chairman
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