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Harvey Dickinson

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Harvey Dickinson

Inductee Year 1998
Harvey Dickinson
Harvey F. Dickinson became the Athletic Director at Hinsdale Township High School in 1940, where he also coached football, basketball, and track. From 1943 to 1946 he served in the U.S. Navy, returning to Hinsdale High School again as Director of Athletics and Coach where his career spanned thirty-eight years. Along with his role as Athletic Director, Mr. Dickinson also served as the Divisional Chairman of Athletics, Physical Education, and Drivers Education.

Harvey Dickinson is regarded as the father of Hinsdale Central's superlative athletic tradition. His own efforts as a football coach through 1967 amassed an impressive record of 148 wins, 45 losses, and 9 ties, and includes 10 conference championships and 4 number one rankings in the period before the State playoff system was introduced.

Among the coaches hired by Mr. Dickinson are Jay Kramer (tennis), Don Watson (swimming), and Tony Canino (gymnastics), all of whom helped to establish Hinsdale Central's high standard of athletic performance. In 1971, in recognition of his many contributions to Hinsdale Central, Dickinson Field was renamed in his honor. Under his expert direction, Hinsdale Central teams won 216 conference, regional, and state titles. As further acknowledgement of his efforts, Harvey Dickinson was named National Athletic Director of the Year in 1977.

Mr. Dickinson earned his BA from Culver Stockton College and his MA from the University of Missouri.
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