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Dr. Loren Heiple

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Dr. Loren Heiple

Inductee Year 1999
Dr. Loren Heiple
Dr. Heiple graduated from Hinsdale High School in 1935 and went on to a distinguished career in engineering education. He received his BSCE degree in June, 1939 from Iowa State University, and in 1940, his Master's Degree in Sanitary Engineering from Harvard University, where he was awarded a Gordon McKay Scholarship. Following his service in World War II, he returned to Iowa State University where he taught a newly developed specialty in the engineering curriculum, Hydrology, which involved the application of quantitative predictions of rainfall and runoff using mathematical models.

After completing his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Stanford he introduced a new program at the University of Arkansas in environmental engineering. His name first appeared in Who's Who in America in the 1956-57 edition for his contributions in sanitary, civil, and environmental engineering, as well as U.S. Army Reserve leadership. In July, 1975 he received the Meritorious Service Medal for outstanding service as a citizen soldier, and had attained the rank of full Colonel by the time of his retirement from the Reserve in 1978. He served as the Dean of Engineering at the University of Arkansas from June, 1971 until 1979, and then, after serving a sabbatical with the U.S. Corps of Engineers, returned to his professorship at Arkansas until his retirement in May, 1984.

Following his retirement from the University of Arkansas, Dr. Heiple accepted the position of Interim Director of the Little Rock Wastewater Utility on a half-time consulting basis. After completing that two year assignment he has devoted himself to service to his extended family, his community, his several universities, and his country, all on a volunteer basis.

Dr. Heiple and his wife, Bonnie, make their home in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
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