Hinsdale Central High School

Ly Hotchkin

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Ly Hotchkin

Inductee Year 1999
Ly Hotchkin
Ly Hotchkin served on both the Elementary District 181 School Board and the Hinsdale High School District 86 School Board from 1957 to 1962. She was the Executive Director of the Community House from 1967 until her retirement in 1995. Under her direction the Community House grew from offering a few recreational programs to an organization that offers over 220 programs that emphasize human services. The villages surrounding Hinsdale Central High School take advantage of the many services offered through the Conununity House such as the Volunteer Services Bureau, the Outreach and Crisis Prevention Center, and the Senior Center. The Community House also offers a range of services to adolescents, including counseling and a referral agency for troubled teens.

Her efforts as a community volunteer are heroic: 10 years with the Red Cross, 1000 hours at Hinsdale Hospital, and 500 hours as a Traveler's Market volunteer. Additionally, Ly served for six years on the board of the Center for New Horizons in Chicago, five years with Larry Hawkins, Special Programs of the University of Chicago, and has been a United Way Ambassador for 24 years.

Though retired, Ly continues to offer her expertise with many organizations including the Hinsdale Center for the Arts, Wellness House, and Caucus 86 among others, and recently joined the Executive Service Corps of Chicago as a volunteer consultant. She has received the Northern Star Award from Northern Trust Bank in recognition of her endeavors at the Community House.

Ly's son, Randy is a 1966 graduate of Hinsdale Central. He and his wife, Chris, are the parents of Ly's two grandsons, Gunnar (HCHS class of 1997), and Kurt (HCHS class of 2000.)
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