Hinsdale Central High School

Madeline Hauser Roessler

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Madeline Hauser Roessler

Inductee Year 2004
Madeline Hauser Roessler
Madeline Hauser Roessler was born in Hinsdale, Illinois on November 10, 1907. Her father was the town blacksmith. In June, 1926 she graduated from Hinsdale High School, and later that year entered Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Chicago. In 1934, she completed a bachelor s degree at Loyola University. She returned to Hinsdale and served through the years of the Great Depression as director of Hinsdale Community Service, an agency that provided emergency relief services. This position led her to a related position as Medical Supervisor for the Chicago Relief Administration. In 1939 Mrs. Roessler was awarded a Master s degree in social work from Loyola University.

In 1943, she was appointed director of public health nursing for the Cook County Department of Public Health. During World War II, Mrs. Roessler taught courses in Home Nursing for the American Red Cross. In 1951, she was appointed Supervisor of Health Services for the Chicago Board of Education. In this capacity, she organized the School Nurse Services for Chicago Public Schools. This service consisted of only nine school nurses in 1951, but was expanded to over 250 school nurses by the time Mrs. Rosseler retired in 1970.

Madeline Roessler became a national leader in the American Nurses Association and chaired the Association s School Journal of Nursing and the Journal of School Health. Following her retirement from the Chicago Board of Education, Madeline Roessler organized social work services at LaGrange Memorial Hospital, and served as the hospital s first medical social worker. She died on December 27, 1977.
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