Hinsdale Central Foundation, Partnership in Lifelong Learning



The Hinsdale Central Foundation requests the following items be addressed and identified by number in all written proposals.  The completed proposal should not exceed four typewritten pages.


Describe the proposed program, service or activity to be funded.  Please include any explanatory literature, drawing, sketches, etc. which might be helpful in understanding the scope of this proposal.  Please identify innovative/creative aspects of this proposal.


2.1       How does the above enrich or enhance educational opportunities for Hinsdale Central High School students?

2.2       What portion of the student body will benefit from the proposal?

2.3       What is the time frame in which this proposal is to be completed?

2.4       How will this proposal increase your effectiveness as a teacher?

3.         EVALUATION

How and by what means will you evaluate the impact or effectiveness of this project?

4.         BUDGET/COSTS

  • Materials, supplies, and equipment
  • Other (consultants, travel, fees, etc.)
  • Total Budget

5.         OTHER

  • What school/personal funds, if any, are currently available to supplement the amount requested?
  • Is the amount requested sufficient to sustain and complete the program, or will additional funds be needed?

6.         ATTACHMENTS (if any):

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