Hinsdale Central High School

Jeff Tolbert

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Jeff Tolbert

Inductee Year 2022
Jeff Tolbert
Jeff Tolbert is a 1978 Hinsdale Central Graduate where he was very active and successful within the wrestling community. Jeff came back to the Hinsdale and Burr Ridge communities after graduating from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial management and industrial engineering to work in a family run business and to continue helping the Red Devil nation in their wrestling program. He was also titled as a Wrestling Captain during his time at Purdue.

In 1983, Jeff saw a need to start an age group wrestling program for all experience and skill levels which has helped both high schools. He has been the anchor in that program and has coached at all levels on the Hinsdale Central team where he was needed. Besides organizing and running the age group program, Jeff has been a sectional director, treasurer, or board member for the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation where instruction and participation in the sport of wrestling for children between the ages five and eighteen through the sanctioning of organized wrestling events and training.

Outside of wrestling, Jeff was a Falcon Football coach and a Burr Ridge Little League baseball coach. When Burr Ridge left the Hinsdale Little League to start a league of their own, Jeff was one of the initial organizers of the league. Jeff is the proud father of 3 sons, who all graduated from Hinsdale Central. His oldest, Jeffrey, was a swimming and his other two sons, Matthew and George were wrestlers. Jeff has given so much of his time to work with the youth in our communities and to give back to his alma mater in the form of coach, mentor, and friend.

Jeff and his wife, Cindy reside in LaGrange Highlands.
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