Hinsdale Central High School

John Davis Palmer

Membership level: Hall of Fame

Dr. John Davis Palmer

Inductee Year 2010
Dr. John Davis Palmer
A former manager of the successful tennis team at HTHS, this graduate in the class of 1948, which incidentally was an unusually outstanding class of students, went on to earn both an MD and PhD degree and become a renowned professor of Pharmacology and a founding organizer of an eminent medical school.

After teaching at the University of Colorado Medical Center for several years, he was recruited in the 1960’s to be one of the founders and organizers of what became the University of Arizona College of Medicine, a goal made possible in 1963 by the Colorado legislature. Dr. Palmer’s involvement in creating that school from the ground up included selecting a building site, the purchase of equipment, selecting 21 faculty members, and designing the curriculum. He has taught there for decades and now holds the title of Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology, a working position because Dr. Palmer still teaches internal medicine and pharmacology.

His outstanding cirriculum vitae runs to 12 pages, single space, listing numerous fellowships, professional awards (6), grants (19), committees, consultations, published articles (30), book chapters (6), proceedings, and published abstracts.

In his “spare time,” Dr. Palmer is a volunteer doctor at Indian reservations in Arizona where he also has recruited potential students for the College of Medicine, a volunteer physician at a laboratory located in Hinsdale (yes !) County, Colorado, a fly fisherman, a back packer, and a serious mountain climber who has scaled many peaks over 14,000 feet. He has two children: Sarah with a degree in molecular biology living in Tucson, and Tom an aerospace mechanical engineer living in California and Colorado. Dr. Palmer and his significant other, Connie Putz, live in Tucson.
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