Hinsdale Central High School

Hinsdale Central Gymnastics

One Legacy. One Opportunity to get it right.

This is a historic opportunity for the Hinsdale Central Gymnastics community to get this right. The old swimming pool at Hinsdale Central will be converted into a quality gymnastics facility that will not only provide for both the Girls and Boys Gymnastic teams to have a bigger, safer, and more productive workout area, but also allow for meets, age groups, and club programs to continue their tradition of success. Please click on the secure link or donate tab to help us raise the necessary funds to complete this project before the start of the School Year 2022-2023.

Click the secure donate button and complete the donation.

You can also make this donation through Venmo as @HCHS-Foundation. www.hinsdalecentralfoundation.org ON BEHALF OF OUR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS AT HINSDALE CENTRAL… THANK YOU! Contributions to the HC Foundation provide enrichment opportunities for Hinsdale Central students today and in the future.

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